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02/05/13 cloudy 28°

Happy Anniversary!!

Well Trove friends, it has been a full two years since starting the business and we couldn’t say thank you enough to all of you that have stopped in over the years.   Now we invite you to join us in our new endeavor online.  We couldn’t be more excited for our new updated website!  Here you can explore, shop and share the wonderful finds at Trove.   Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook too as we share new product weekly there as well!!  For our blog, we will focus on new product, trends & tips in the furniture/décor industry.  We are new to the blogging world so we will try to keep it as fun, fresh, and exciting as possible with plenty of pictures and few words!!

Many customers who have stopped in the store recently have expressed just how exciting it has been to watch us grow and change over these past two years and we can’t wait to keep growing and filling the store with new product in the years to come!

-Much Love,

TROVE Family